Paper, board and packaging

Shaheen provides high value, natural mineral products tailored for every pace of the pulp, paper, and paperboard and printing process. Being the leader in mineral-based products for industrial applications, Shaheen provides an exceptional range of minerals that are essential to paper and board products. Shaheen is at the forefront of technical novelty to meet our customers’ demands. Shaheen’s mineral fillers have a positive impact on drainage, brightness, and opacity of paper. Additionally, they help to optimize manufacturing cost if used as a filler-for-fiber replacement at increased loadings.

High performance in graphic paper

Shaheen offers diverse mineral fillers which are the best suitable choice to sustain paper bulk and diminish overall raw material costs even at high filler levels.  Variety of Grounded and coated calcium carbonates are used in the paper production process which is cost-effective filler substitutes for wood fiber where they improve brightness and paper optics. As paper and paperboard coatings, they enhance whiteness and opacity as well as the printability of the finished paper. 

Enhancing the machine output in container board

Machine output can be the bottleneck in growing markets like containerboard and folding carton. Adding Shaheen Calcium Carbonate fillers to the production process provides a considerable enhance in output rates. The natural properties of Calcium Carbonate improve drainage which leads to higher line speeds, reduced energy cost, and lower reliance on virgin and recycled fibers. Shaheen mineral fillers features in excellent scattering properties which minimize the white top fiber ply without compromising opacity.


Improving runnability and process efficiency in board process

The dewatering effect of Shaheen fillers such as coated calcium carbonate and talc on the paper web can be used to lessen drying energy or increase line speed. Beside fiber replacement, this allows producers to either produce cost savings or to maximize output. Excellent filler performance and our reliable product supply provide quality assurance in your board manufacturing process. Talc are also ideal coating pigments improving the quality and printability of coated board and to control pitch and stickies which clog machines impacting runnability where it improves runnability and the quality of the finished paper.

Scale Down Production Cost for tissue process

Coated calcium carbonate and talc are mineral fillers exclusively designed for tissue applications. These fillers are superficial as they have a positive impact on tissue softness. It does not impact mechanical properties such as paper strength, bulk, or specific absorption properties. Tissue grades made with Shaheen fillers remain within distinct specifications while benefitting from additional features. The additional dewatering effect of Shaheen fillers can also enable increased production line speed.

Excellent filler performance in packaging industry

Shaheen is a wide-ranging supplier of minerals for stiff and flexible packaging. Our minerals are used in a wide range of products, from containerboard to plastic bags, barrier coatings, sheets and films. Minerals such as talc and calcium carbonates can be used to boost finished product quality, to increase production efficiencies and to help reduce costs. Shaheen minerals also improve resin and fiber extension and the optical and mechanical properties of film and rigid packaging. In certain specialty papers such as colored papers and labels, Shaheen Soapstone improves quality and productivity.


“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” Warren G. Bennis

Mr. Chaudhry Iftikhar Bashir is the visionary leader who has always led the company through challenging times by putting in hard work and providing the key leadership Shaheen required to grow into the trusted brand it is today. With his interest vested in the industry, he started working part-time at the factory at a very early age during the late ’70s. Later he officially joined in 1980 and drove the company towards growth. Key clients such as Panther Tire, PVI/ATS Synthetic, Diamond Paints, and many others joined hands with him. Truly ambitious he visited UK, Germany, France, Spain, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, China, and Saudi Arabia many times to gain knowledge and expertise by participating in many exhibitions and collaborating with experts across the globe. 

His early achievements include setting up a Raymond Mill in Lahore, Pakistan by International Combustion Derbyshire, United Kingdom, and later ATP by Alpine Hosokawa, Germany.

Furthermore, initiated a Marble Mine in Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu & Kashmir in 2007 and was the first one to start a coating mill for Calcium Carbonate in 2010. Shaheen Group is the major group of marble processing for various industries as Paints, Paper, Artificial Leather, Cables, and PVC Pipe industry. He has also received the Businessman of the Year Award in 2012. Ch. Iftikhar Bashir is the former Senior Vice Chairman of LTIA and former Chairman of Lahore Township Industries Association (LTIA). He is the President of the Pakistan Grinding Mills Association (PGMA). Former President Defense Raiwind Road Association Industrial Association (DRIBA) Former Board Member Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)

Being a socially responsible individual, he is a member of MJF Lions Club and is a trustee of, “Subhan, the helper Trust” and a contributory member over various other platforms for which he was awarded another award of recognition by the President of Pakistan for his social work. Belonging to the Arain community he has made remarkable contributions on the platform anjuman-e-arain where he holds the status of senior vice president. Last but not least he is a Board Member Governor Punjab Social Welfare Committee (SWC) and amid his efforts, his name has been added on the wall of Covid-19 heroes in Governor House Lahore.

“The man who does not work for the love of work but only for money is likely to neither make money nor find much fun in life.” – Charles M. Schwab. 


Mr. Haji Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad a true visionary, driven by his passion and determined towards his goal set up one of the earliest grinding mills in Lahore, Pakistan in 1966. He had his interest vested in chemicals since a young age which led him to develop constructive relationships with Chemistry and Geology professors from the University of Punjab. Equipped with the appropriate knowledge on minerals and fillers he visited the potential mines and educated the local community regarding the potential benefits in the initiation of mining minerals in Pakistan. Therefore, it is safe to say that he has played the role of Grand Father in the grinding industry. 

Mr. Haji Chaudhry Bashir Ahmad was inspired by the grand legendary poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal after meeting him (add hyperlink to google page of Allama Iqbal) and named the company after his truly motivating and influential poems regarding Shaheen. (Eagle)